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State of VictoriStimelinesa Timelines for genealogists. Price $10.00  OUT OF STOCK

This guide is a timeline for the state of Victoria(Aus) highlighting significant events and useful genealogical resources. It focuses on when important records are available and includes where they can be located. It covers resources in Ancestry, findmpast, Genealogical Society of Victoria and other places.

This will help put Victorian family ancestors into their historical context. Coverage is from 1803 to 1998.

This is a tool for the family historian for both those new or experienced in genealogical research as dates and resources can easily be forgotten or overlooked. It is not exhaustive but offers a guide for family historians to refer to and to help set dates into a wider historical context.



Footscray Cemetery. Price $22.50  Buy now     Footscray cemetery

This DVD (for computer) is an index of names in the Footscray burial register covering 1860 to 1970, and of all names transcribed from memorials in the cemetery to 1997. Each name in the index is hyperlinked to its source — an image of the relevant burial register page, or an image of the relevant page of transcriptions.

In easy to navigate Adobe format the DVD is compatible with both PC and Mac with Adobe Reader 7 and higher.



Boroondara cemetery, KewBoroondara Cemetery, Kew. Price: $22.00  Buy now

Transcripts of memorial inscriptions and index of names. This product is licensed for personal use by the purchaser on a computer(s) owned by the purchaser. A single copy may be made solely for backup or archival purposes. Family History and other "not for profit" societies may use this product on a network of up to 5 computers.
All other organisations need the express permission of the Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc. And an additional license fee for network access may be payable.
All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study, research, criticism, or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission. Enquiries should be made to The Genealogical Society of Victoria Inc.

System Requirements: PC or MAC. CD or CD/DVD drive. PC: use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, version 7 or later. PC with AutoPlay enabled will commence this index automatically, else first open the file Begin.pdf. MAC: commence by opening the file Begin.pdf using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, version 7 or later.







Melbourne Hospital

* Patients in the Melbourne Hospital 1855-1909 (USB) Price  $35 Buy now  

This USB stick is an index fo 87,298 names in the Melbourne Hospital (now Royal Melbourne Hospital) surviving medical ward book which could be called "Case Histories". An estimated 2,000 medical ward books are extant but many more have disappeared. There are 824 medical ward book which have been indexed in this USB which include the books indexed in the earlier edition. These books are held at the Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV). Not all the extant books in the period to 1905 have been indexed yet. 

Every indexed name is hyperlinked to a set of details extracted from that's patient's medical records in the ward book. Details include patient's name, age, and admission date together with some of all of the following: the patients's biography; birth place; the ship on which the person travelled to Australia and it's arrival date; whether married, widowed or single; occupation; religion; residence and the result of treatment. Each set of details includes the full reference to the relevant Medical ward book's location at PROV. 

 * A more updated list is available on our website.

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 Other items

Henderson Pioneer familiesHenderson's two books (DVD) Buy now $30.00

Early Pioneer families of Victoria and Riverina: a genealogical and biographical record, AND Henderson's Australian families: a genealogical and biographical record.
Early Pioneer families of Victoria and Riverina: a genealogical and biographical record families.

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Postage: Small Item
Author: Alexander Henderson
ISBN: 9780049672681
Year of publication: 2014



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