Visiting the Library -FAQs

Visiting the Library

Library opening times and address

Preparing for your visit

To make the best use of your time in the GSV Library we recommend you check our Library collections from your home before you come in. If you are a member, make sure you are logged in when you do this as you will see more information than a non-member. 
If you are starting out on tracing your family history then please refer to our “Beginning your Family History” guide (link).

Visiting the Library

If it is your first visit to the GSV Library, then ask one of our friendly volunteer Library Research Assistants who will be on duty to show you around the Library and to help you get started with your research.

Rules of the Library

  • Sign in with your name and membership number on the sign in sheet at Reception
  • Wear a name tag or Membership card (if you have one) so we can all address each other by name. Stick-on labels are available in the Library
  • Mask usage is optional but we ask that masks be worn whenever working in proximity to others
  • If you are unwell or have any cold or flu symptoms please do not come in to the GSV
  • Quiet, but not necessarily silence, is required so as not to disturb other researchers. Mobile telephones are not to be used in the Library
  • Items removed from the shelves should be returned to the trolley (top shelf)  for the Librarians or Library Research Assistants to re-shelve 
  • Please use the wipes provided to clean the keyboard, mouse and bench tops where you have worked before leaving the Library

Visitor Fee

Fee To Use Library - $30.00 per visit per person. 
This fee is refunded against membership if you join within 14 days of your visit. Pay on arrival at GSV.


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