Irish Ancestry Group/Irish Ancestry Discussion Circle

At the Annual General Meeting of the Irish Ancestry Group (IAG) on 14 August 2021 all official positions were declared vacant, and in the absence of any nominations remained unfilled. Following discussion, the meeting voted to suspend the IAG for twelve months and run as a discussion circle in the hope that this format would better serve the needs of members going forward. 

Irish Ancestry Group


GSV members can register for discussion circle meetings via the Current and Upcoming Events page. People who are not GSV members should email  While the group still meets on Zoom, face-to-face and hybrid events are being planned, so please check the Events page for details.


The Irish Ancestry discussion circle aims to:

  • Foster the study of Irish history and genealogical research on the Irish in Australia
  • Develop and maintain fraternal relations with other Irish genealogical groups
  • Organise regular speakers and discussions on the Irish in Australia
  • Maintain and distribute an Irish Research Starter Kit for the use of members
  • Produce and maintain a digital archive of the IAG’s newsletter, Blarney

Who can join?

People interested in participating in the discussion circle are encouraged to join the GSV, if they are not already members. Costs associated with running the discussion circle are covered by GSV membership, and there is no additional fee for participation in IADC events. New members are very welcome to attend meetings and can join simply by registering at one of the events. For more information, please email the IADC coordinating committee at or GSV Admin at

Research Support

Irish Assistance in the Library

“Irish Day in the Library” has been replaced with a monthly Zoom session held on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Bookings can be made via the "Events" page. Please also submit an outline of your query to O'Grady family of Wexford pre-1860). Note that this service is limited to GSV members only, up to six people per session, and is free of charge.

Irish Research Starter Kit 

The Research Starter Kit is currently being updated and will be available again next year. If you are interested in either contributing to the kit or would like further information, please email

Newsletter, Forum, and Archive

Production of the group’s print newsletter, "Blarney", was stopped in 2020 and replaced with an email newsletter. GSV members can subscribe to the email newsletter on the society’s Notice Boards page. The newsletter is for IADC announcements only. The Irish Ancestry Forum on the other hand allows GSV members to post questions and share information related to Irish genealogical research, and Irish culture in Australia. Past issues of “Blarney” are currently being digitised and will be available here late in 2022 or early 2023. Announcements on this project will be posted on the Irish Ancestry Forum, and in the IADC electronic newsletter. 

Public Offices
Genealogical Society of Victoria
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