The Good Oil Discussion Circle

Aim The Good Oil Discussion Circle

We discuss and further our research by considering topics closely allied to family history research.

The Good Oil sessions are designed to enable members to share their tips and tricks about a wide range of subjects. All members will have an opportunity to contribute to the sessions.
Each session will concentrate on one topic with the emphasis on subjects closely allied to family history research. Topics discussed to date include the use of social media, conservation of family ephemera, tips on managing digital documents and images and the use of online family trees. Copies of any monthly meeting notes or presentations are available to those who attended the session.

Who may join?

The Good Oil Circle is open to all GSV Members and there is no additional fee.


Meetings of The Good Oil Circle are held on the third Friday of each month commencing at 1.30 pm via Zoom. The event page on the GSV website contains the details of the upcoming session.

How to join?

Simply register for the meeting via the GSV Event Calendar and you will receive the Zoom link.

More Information

Contact the Convenors via the email address:

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