Research Services

Research Services

We offer a variety of research services for members and non-members. It is important to state clearly what information you require and show what you have already researched. Payment is required in advance.

Submitting requests

When making a research request (other than a quick look-up) submit known information preferably on anfamily group sheet example 'Ancestry chart' and 'Family group sheets'. Use your genealogical software or download and fill in blank Ancestry/Pedigree chart and Family group sheetsPlease show known facts and sources for these facts.

Services for members and non members include:

- Quick look-up

- Research

- Consultations

- Transcription of old documents & Latin translation 

Document retrieval of:

       - Victorian Probate, Inquests and Melbourne Hospital records

       - Public Record Office Victoria other documents





Date last updated: 23 March 2021 @ 17:10