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March 2020

We are delighted to feature the runner-up from last year’s GSV Writing Prize, Victoria Spicer’s ‘Finding Johanna’ in this issue. Victoria writes with empathy of the unfortunate life of her step-great great grandmother. This seems a good time to remind you that we are launching the 2020 GSV Writing Prize this month. You have until the end of August to get your submission in, so now’s the time to start thinking and planning!


It’s interesting how a tiny clue can set us off on a whole new strand of research. Margaret Wilson noticed that her ancestor Annie Greenwood, who emigrated from the UK in 1866, was ‘selected by Miss Rye’. This enabled her to fi nd out about emigration agent Maria Rye’s role in bringing young single women to Victoria.  Although it was a breakthrough, Margaret still has unanswered questions. In Darryl Grant’s case the belated purchase of a death certificate gave him the information that enabled him to unlock the story of Angus and his wife Ann, also migrants to Victoria.

As a boy, Michael Considine was fascinated by a piece of embroidery with the words ‘ERIN GO BRACH’ stitched in bold letters. He traces the lives of its owners as it journeyed from its home in Ireland to New South Wales and eventually into his possession.

The focus of the ‘How to’ article is ‘Researching Canberra, ACT records and National Organisations’. Research Corner contains a guide to Overseas Records held by TheGenealogist website.


You might notice that Brickwall Corner is missing from this issue. Now that the GSV Forum is up and running, we encourage everyone to post their requests for assistance there.


As always, we are happy to receive your articles, but please note that articles should not have been previously published elsewhere unless agreed. We would particularly like brief (300 word) articles accompanied by a photo about a place or object to which your family has a connection.


Barbara Beaumont

Ancestor Editorial Team

Date last updated: 15 April 2020 @ 11:31